What are examples of culture in australia?

Australian cultural companionship, egalitarianism, authenticity, optimism, humility, informality, easy-going, common sense. A practical guide to the Australian lifestyle. Drinking and gambling have long been important aspects of Australian popular culture, despite persistent government attempts to regulate and limit them. Traditionally, beer has been the drink of choice, but the explosion of wine production in Australia has altered the patterns a bit.

Since World War II, laws have generally been liberalized in favor of more “civilized” drinking and greater access to gambling, often through agencies owned by the government. However, while an older generation turned to the bar to socialize, many of the young people are likely to seek out the nightclub or the trendy bar or restaurant. Australians highly value friendships and tend to be relaxed, casual and informal when greeting someone. There are no laws about friendships or dates.

Friendships and social events with both sexes are common. The Australian outback is home to a variety of different landscapes, countless natural wonders, and deep connections to Aboriginal culture and communities. The publicly funded Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) has a multicultural approach and broadcasts radio and television programs in a variety of languages, as well as global news programs and documentaries in English. The culture of companionship, combined with that of the original convict and then the colonial culture, has created an irreverence towards established authority, especially if it is pompous or disconnected from reality.

Chinese cultural celebrations include the Chinese New Year, the Dragon Ship Festival and the Lantern Festival. Australia is a highly multicultural society with a strong mix of indigenous groups, individuals with European historical roots and a diverse mix of immigrant populations. Over time, the diverse dietary, cultural and lifestyle practices of immigrants have been absorbed into the mainstream Australian culture. Australian stories and legends have cultural meaning independent of their empirical truth or falsehood.

Aboriginal art festivals include the Barunga and Cultural Sports Festival (June) and Stompin Ground (October), which are held in Broome. If you're in the mood for some Australian fun, celebrate the culture of inland Queensland with the Boulia camel races, or head to Alice Springs to attend the Henley on Todd Regatta to watch dry river races. While British cultural influence remained strong in the 21st century, other influences became increasingly important. In turn, companies in the process of globalization, from Holden to Exxon, have tried to associate their brand with Australian cultural identity.

Australians have a particular affinity for surfing lifeguards, and surfing lifeguards have a revered status in Australian culture. Australia's culture is primarily a Western culture, originally derived from Great Britain, but also influenced by the unique geography of Australia and the cultural contribution of Aboriginal people, Torres Strait Islanders, and other Australian peoples. American pop culture and cinema were embraced in the 20th century, with country music and, later, rock and roll sweeping Australia, with the help of new television technology and a wealth of American content. The Menzies government (1949-196) and the Holt government maintained the White Australia policy, but relaxed it, and then the legal barriers to multiracial immigration were dismantled during the 1970s, with the promotion of multiculturalism by the Whitlam and Fraser governments.

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