What is the main culture in australia?

Australia's culture is primarily a Western culture, originally derived from Great Britain, but also influenced by the unique geography of Australia and the cultural contribution of Aboriginal people, Torres Strait Islanders, and other Australian peoples. Since the colonization of Australia, mass immigration has dramatically changed the social demography of the population and established a dominant cultural current in Western Europe. The younger generation, in particular, is becoming increasingly culturally aware, and many see experiences abroad as a rite of passage to maturity. Australians (or Australians) have been ingenious in adapting their cultural roots to adapt them to the country's new environment, climate and resources.

This reflects a cultural aversion to complaining, worrying too much, reflecting on mistakes and thinking about the past. Increasingly, bicultural identity is seen as an asset to be treasured and proud of in Australian society. The ambivalence of the continuation of the colonial relationship, which only began to be dismantled in the second half of the 20th century, has been a central cultural concern in Australia. However, the Cultural Atlas recognizes that modern Australia was founded on the basis of the dispossession of First Nations peoples.

Writers as diverse as Robin Boyd, Donald Horne and Hugh Stretton, as well as the satirical writer Barry Humphries (Dame Edna Everage), drew attention to the importance of the suburban spirit in Australian culture. Chinese cultural celebrations include the Chinese New Year, the Dragon Ship Festival and the Lantern Festival. We encourage readers to visit the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander course to learn more about Australia's indigenous cultural diversity. Groups such as the Bangarra Dance Theatre bring a modern sensibility to the essential storytelling and ritual of Aboriginal culture.

Australia is a highly multicultural society with a strong mix of indigenous groups, individuals with European historical roots and a diverse mix of immigrant populations. The cultural tendency to dismiss uncomfortable facts from Australian history has particularly harmful implications for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. The cultures and worldviews of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are diverse, multifaceted and complex. We encourage readers to visit the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander course offered by the Inclusion Program to learn more about the culture and experience of indigenous Australians.

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