What are some important values and traditions in australian culture?

Freedom of religion (including freedom not to follow a particular religion), freedom of expression and freedom of association. Commitment to the rule of law, which means that all people are subject to the law and must obey it. The most significant value is that of egalitarianism. This is the doctrine that all people are equal and deserve the same rights and opportunities.

Class distinctions are much less important in Australian society compared to the United Kingdom, where social circles have been built around rigid hierarchies. Conversely, Australians with lower socioeconomic status do not tend to see themselves as less equal than privileged Australians. The Federation in 1901 was the culmination of a growing sense of national identity that had developed during the second half of the 19th century, as seen in the works of painters and writers of the Heidelberg School such as Banjo Paterson, Henry Lawson and Dorothea Mackellar. The world wars profoundly impacted Australia's national identity: the First World War introduced the legend of ANZAC and the Second World War meant a reorientation of Great Britain to the United States as the nation's main ally.

After the second war, 6.5 million migrants from 200 countries brought with them an immense new diversity. Over time, the diverse dietary, cultural and lifestyle practices of immigrants have been absorbed into the mainstream Australian culture. The 1956 Melbourne Olympics, the first to be broadcast to the world, heralded a prosperous and secure post-war nation, and new cultural icons such as Australian country music star Slim Dusty and Dadaist Barry Humphries expressed a unique Australian identity. Many Australians knew how to ride horses and shoot before enlisting, making them talented recruits, but they were also famous for their lax attitude toward formal discipline on the battlefield, a notoriety that Australian soldiers enjoyed.

The Australian Constitution established a federal democracy and enshrined human rights, such as articles 41 (right to vote), 80 (right to a trial by jury) and 116 (freedom of religion), as fundamental principles of Australian law, and included economic rights, such as restricting the government from acquiring property only on fair terms. To understand how language is used to reflect Australian identity, it is important to first understand what values or behavioral standards make up an Australian identity. In turn, companies in the process of globalization, from Holden to Exxon, have tried to associate their brand with Australian cultural identity. Other notable Australian country music artists include John Williamson, who wrote the iconic song True Blue, Lee Kernaghan, Adam Brand and Kasey Chambers.

Among the representatives of the obscene variety of Australian comedy are Rodney Rude, Austen Tayshus and Chad Morgan. This means that, while Australians are entitled to a number of fundamental freedoms, they have a civil duty to obey the law and, at the same time, to take advantage of them. These events in history have allowed Australians to develop values on which they rely, such as egalitarianism, companionism, anti-authoritarianism and larrikinism. Australian comedy has a strong tradition of self-mockery, from Barry McKenzie's quirky comedies about expatriates in Europe in the 1970s to the quirky inner characters of the movies Crocodile Dundee from the 1980s, the suburban parody of the 1997 film The Castle by Working Dog Productions and the dysfunctional suburban mother-daughter comedy Kath %26 Kim.

Remember that this is just a very basic level introduction to Australian culture and people; it cannot explain the diversity of Australian society and is in no way intended to stereotype every Australian you might meet. The ease with which humorous comments can be made about influential figures and politicians in the Australian media indicates this very idea. The population is highly urbanized, with more than 75% of Australians living in urban centers, mainly along the coast, although there has been a greater incentive to decentralize the population, concentrating it in developed regional or rural areas. As a country that deeply values humility and embodies a “fighter” personality, Australians automatically become critical when those around them move up the social ladder.

The Australian series V8 Supercars is steadily growing in popularity around the world, where television coverage allows. The skill set of Australian soccer players fits the model of the United States National Football League (NFL) bettors, and they stand out from their American peers because of their ability to face returning players. .

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